Turing is an agile product design & development company. We build award-winning, user-experience focused web & mobile applications.

Our company is named after Dr. Alan Mathison Turing, the father of modern computing.

In 1937, Turing published a paper which described the greatest product of his mind: "On Computable Numbers." In that paper, he put forth a model for a general "re-programmable" computing machine that could be used to solve any problem of logic. Turing would go on to create special purpose mechanical computers to break Nazi naval communications cyphers, and formulate a theory concerning morphogenesis - the biological process that causes an organizism to gain shape. We strive to apply the same classical elegance and clear thinking present in his writing to the work we do at Turing.

Our Process & Skills

Turing uses a variant of the SCRUM development process which we have tuned to accomodate user experience centric development. We've found that the careful integration of design into the development process can be the determining factor for the success of a project.


Through communication and research, we become familiar with your company, customers, business model, competition, marketing, and risk profile. If we understand the ecosystem in your corner of the market, we can help you determine the best strategy and tactics for your product's development. We've worked with startups at all stages of funding from pre-seed to series-C and beyond, so we'll have useful advice regardless of where your company is in the process.

User Experience

This is where the fun begins. We start by sketching your application and sharing rough ideas very rapidly: user stories, structure, layouts, features, and patterns will all flow quickly in a cycle of rapid feedback and modifications. Next, we'll begin wireframing a clickable prototype of the application so everyone involved can get a sense for the behavior of the application. When these wireframes are mature, we switch the focus to Branding and Interface Design. We work iteratively to replace wireframes in the clickable prototype with beautiful interface design. We work to create a visual grammar for the application which can be applied to all future development. When the Interface Design is completed, we break down all features into stories, and create conversion goals & associated metrics for important processes like signup. If you need branding, we will incorporate the design of a brand package into this stage of the project.


We practice SCRUM with Test Driven Development and deploy on a custom-configured version of Linux called CloudCore ™. Our developers use a mixture of Rails, Scala, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. Our code has been described by multiple third party auditors as the cleanest they have ever seen. The tools we choose support our commitment to quality and developer productivity. Our teams work in two week iterations to develop and deliver a functional build of the application. We demonstrate progress at the end of each iteration - real working software you can use to provide feedback.



  • Product Strategy & Ideation
  • Product Reviews
  • Matric Design
  • User Interview & Stories
  • Codebase Analysis


  • Brand Package Design
  • UI/UX Design/Wireframing
  • Usual Design
  • Print Design


  • Web Design
  • Video

Product Management & Trainning

  • Product Ownership
  • SCRUM Master
  • Reporting
  • Agile/SCRUM Trainning
  • SCRUM Master Trainning


Web & Mobile Practices

  • Agile, Test-Driven Development
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Continuous Integration

Platforms & Languages

  • Objective-C (iOS)
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Scala
  • Java
  • node.js
  • Backbone.js
  • HTML5 / CSS3


  • Cloud Packaging & Deployment
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud Autoscaling
  • Release Engineering
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Compliance & Security
  • Load Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Selenium

Database technologies

  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Oracle

CMS Integration

  • Wordpress
  • MODx
  • ExpressionEngine