Turing’s remote engineers are vetted by ex-FB and ex-Google Engineering Managers. We have combined the best of the FAANG hiring processes to get you the top 1% of engineers in the world. And yes, we also use this hiring process for our own engineers ;)

Our partnership highlights

  1. Top 1% of global engineers (yes, really!)
  2. Vetted by former Engineering Managers at Facebook and Uber.
  3. In addition to the usual programming interviews, we run a week-long sprint with them to simulate a realistic, fast-paced startup environment. This allows us to ensure that engineers have excellent remote collaboration skills.
  4. Frontend, Backend, Full-stack, Mobile, DevOps, Machine Learning engineers and more!
  5. 0% Risk. If you decide to stop within two weeks, you pay nothing. No questions asked. Turing will pay engineer using its own funds.
  6. 100% of our people work in U.S. time zone hours (PT, MT, CT, and ET).
  7. 100% flexibility. Work with engineers part-time, full time or hourly. Pay only for hours worked. Work with engineers for as many months as you like and stop or request different engineers any time should your priorities change.
  8. Match with an engineer instantly rather than spend months filling a role.

Engineer Vetting highlights

  1. Google and Facebook level programming interviews to test for algorithms, data structures, systems design and project planning skills.
  2. Take-home project to evaluate specific software expertise (Eg: React, Node, PHP, Python, TensorFlow, Django), remote collaboration skill and code quality. You can review their demo, code, and our evaluation report.
  3. Week-long sprint to evaluate remote collaboration and communication skills in a realistic environment.
  4. Vetting to ensure engineers are proactive self-starters.
  5. 1% pass our evaluation process (yes, really)!

About Turing

  • Based in Palo Alto, California founded by Stanford Alum, Jonathan and Vijay
  • Jonathan and Vijay effectively worked with exceptional remote engineers to drive their last AI company to a successful acquisition, after finding it increasingly hard to compete with Google and Facebook for Silicon Valley talent. :) This was the inspiration behind Turing.
  • Venture Investors include Founders Fund, Foundation Capital (backers of Netflix, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb).
  • Angel Investors include engineering leaders from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter.
  • Today, Turing engineers are actively working with our partner companies in Silicon Valley, New York, Texas and Florida, etc. who span B2B, consumer, AdTech, FinTech Health Care, AI, Ride Sharing, Aviation, Marketing, Retail, and other sectors.

Ready to start? Next Steps

  1. Give us basic details about you, your company and the engineers you wish to hire.
  2. Schedule a kick-off call with us
  3. Review software engineers we match you with and decide if you wish to start
  4. Start your two week risk-free trial
  5. Allow Turing to delight you during the trial and join us in a long-term every growing partnership. :)
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