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No Visa Needed

Turing is where top U.S. companies hire remote software engineers.

Apply to full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, DevOps, UI/UX, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and other software engineering jobs.

Once you're a Turing engineer, you will never have to apply for another job.

Grow with the 
World's Best Engineers

There's no better opportunity to grow as an engineer than to work with former Tech Leads and Engineering Managers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and other top tech companies.

Eder (Brazil): "Everyday, I get to work on amazing projects with the greatest engineers from around the world."

The Future of Work is remote. Go #Boundaryless.

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You Never Have to Apply for Another Job

Elite engineers deserve to work on the most interesting products without interviewing for a new job or going freelance. As a Turing engineer, you can switch to more interesting products while getting paid full-time.

Zech (Ethiopia): "I've worked as an office employee and a freelancer before. Turing combines the best of both worlds."

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Turing offers you a better salary than local companies in most countries. Give yourself a raise while working on self-driving, healthcare, fintech, or other exciting Silicon Valley products.

Malisa (Kenya): "I'm a former Microsoft and Clinton Foundation employee. I joined Turing because I'd get to work on a variety of interesting products.

1.) You are likely in the top 1% of the world’s software engineers.

2.) You can work full-time (40 hours/week) with a U.S. software company. We can allow part-time work during a short transition period, but we’ll need you to transition to full-time work quickly.

3.) You have at least 5 years of industry experience as a software engineer after you finished your college studies. If you have worked as a senior software engineer, tech lead, or architect, you will have even more job opportunities on Turing.

4.) You can spend 5-10 hours on our programming tests, skill challenges, and video interviews. These tests were designed by our leadership (ex-Engineering Managers from Facebook and Google and a Stanford AI scientist) to find the top 1% of the world's engineers.

5.) You can adjust work hours to overlap at least 4 hours a day with a company in Silicon Valley or New York.

6.) You are a fluent English communicator, and you will be able to communicate effectively over daily video calls with engineering managers at U.S. Software companies.

7.) You can function effectively and be valuable to U.S. engineering management without too much hand-holding and micromanagement. You don’t need your manager to write detailed JIRA tickets for you. You are capable of discussing your manager’s objectives and proposing a working roadmap and specific tasks to the manager for approval.

8.) You are an extremely proactive communicator, who understands the challenges of remote work and the need to over-communicate to offset those challenges.

9.) You are good at feature planning and estimation. You can discuss business priorities with U.S. companies and propose sensible software/business tradeoffs that are in line with their priorities.


Who Can Become a Turing Engineer?

Turing in Media

Turing is based in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A., also known as “Silicon Valley”. We connect exceptional software engineers from around the world to top U.S. and Silicon Valley companies that are hiring for remote software positions. Turing is backed by well-known investors like: 

  • Facebook's first CTO (Adam D'Angelo)
  • Executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter
  • Foundation Capital and other investors in Facebook, Tesla, Asana, etc.

Turing is led by Stanford University alumni and successful A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, whose last A.I. company leveraged elite remote talent and had a successful acquisition. (Techcrunch story).

What is Turing?


1.) Turing’s salaries are higher than local software engineer salaries in most countries. 

2.) You don’t need a US visa since you’ll be working remotely.

3.) You’ll be able to join an exceptional community of engineers. Turing has engineers that graduated from Stanford and other top U.S. universities. They’ve also worked at companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.  

4.) Turing’s qualification process is difficult and time-consuming. But once you qualify, Turing will match you with top U.S. Software companies. Once you qualify for Turing, you may never have to interview for a job again.

5.) Once you qualify for Turing, you can live in any part of the world you like and still be plugged into the very best Silicon Valley job opportunities.

6.) Turing only partners with U.S. Software companies whose project engagements are full-time and expected to last 6 months or more. Today, a Turing developer works full time with a single Turing partner company for 6-9 months on average, compared to most freelancing websites with very short gigs. Turing projects are typically long term, which gives you the opportunity to grow as a software engineer, which is hard with gigs.

7.) If a Turing developer's work with a partner company completes in a few months, Turing re-matches engineers to other partner companies within 2-3 weeks on average.

8. ) Turing also offers mentorship and guidance regarding technologies most valued by US companies and also resources to help you grow fast as a software engineer. Today this is accessible to engineers working locally for Silicon Valley companies, but we want the same to be available to exceptional software engineers all over the world.

9. ) Today, Turing partners with a number of U.S. companies in Silicon Valley, Texas, New York, Washington, and Florida. We help fill a large number of full-time remote roles including full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, UI/UX, DevOps, AI and Data Engineering, and more, and so we can match you with the perfect role for you.

Benefits of Becoming a Turing Engineer


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